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Kev's Approach Log
Week 1: Oct 18 - Oct 25
Goal: Forcing and recognizing IOIs

I went out three times this past week and did a total of 18 approaches. Got 6 numbers, 2 responded but fell off, 2 did not respond and 2 I didn’t bother texting.
Below are some of the approaches. I detailed mostly those that were noteworthy rather than every single one because I'd rather get feedback on these.

  • Two set, one girl with big boobs (digits)
    Stopped couple of girls (white), one of them (my target) had a revealing tank top with the top half of her boobs sticking out. I initially started indirect by accusing both of them of looking like trouble and then teasing them about being high weed (which they happened to be). They seemed fixed so I then decided to go direct by stating to one girl, “I have a confession to make, I have a tiny crush on your friend” and from then on when to make an observation and compliment on how she was dressed. Things were kinda of going well with the target but, I had trouble winning her friend over cause her friend did not follow my sense of humor. To avoid ruining things, I ended up suggesting a meetup later with the target and took her number.
    Texted later but she did not respond to initial text. I didn’t send any other text.
  • Latina girl on staircase (digits)
    Run up to a latina girl that was on her phone and about to enter an apartment building. I shouted loudly, “Hey!” and then just fixed my eyes on her as if beckoning and yet also with a smirk on my face as if I knew already knew. She looked at me for a moment wondering if she had dropped something. I told her, “No, I just though you looked really nice, I ran from over there”. She quickly ended her call and I walked up the stars continue the interaction. She seemed quite receptive and did a lot more of the talking. Knowing that she had to enter the building soon, I suggested she join me for a drink later in the week. She said she had just started seeing someone but it was still early so, she’d be down to meet. So, I got her number. Texted later, she replied.I texted back and then crickets! I pinged after 24 hours but nada.
  • Plus ten other short uneventful approaches
  • Girl in mask speedily walking
    Stopped this white girl who was walking really fast but in such a way that her butt swayed from side to side. Did a front stop and my open, with a smirk, was, “Hey, I thought looked really nice… when you walk your hips just do what they like…”. She stopped, heard me say the hips line and immediately was like, “you’re not wearing a mask, I can’t talk to you… etc” and then she walked away.
  • From experience, girls who have been interested have not brought up the mask thing. However, girls who have wanted to find a reason leave either ask where my mask is or, start to cover their faces when they decide they don’t want to talk anymore.
  • Girl in yellow pants sitting on bench
    Approached a girl on a bench listened to music over big headphones. She was quite apathetic. I just bailed.
  • Greek girl sashaying (digits)
    Saw a girl sashaying along the street really feeling herself. I walked along her then turned to face her, with a smirk and knowing look, while saying, “I see you ?. I see how you’re sashaying down the street…You don’t care what the world thinks, you’re just gonna do your thing”. She stopped and I asked her teasing if she always walks like that, to which she engaged. I tried to talk to her for a bit longer but she did not invest. It seemed more like she was basking in the attention. Nonetheless, I suggested she join me for coffee another time, to which she said, “maybe”. I ploughed ahead and had her enter her number in my phone BUT when I re-stated her name for what to save it as, she said, “you can save it as whatever you want”, as she walked away. At the point I didn’t bother saving it. I just wrote her off.
  • Puertorican girl going to dinner (digits)
    Casually approached a puertorican girl in the shopping district which she was walking slowly and fixated on her phone as if looking at google maps. My open was, “Hey! I though you really nice… you look like you’re on a scavenger hunt (cheekily)”. She noticed me, but did not immediately register my intent. So, as she was slowly about to walk away, I lowered my voice, tightened my gaze, increased my proximity and in very flirtatious way told her, “I like… how you are… just strolling along… without a worry… on this very… busy… street ?”. This got her to stop and coyly look back at me. She then asked me where my accent was from. From this point on we talked for a very short bit. I found out she was Puertorican - I jokingly checked out her but when she said that - and that she was on her way to dinner. I also addressed he question about where I was from. She then asked me for my instagram as if as a way to stay in touch. Sensing that she needed to go soon, I instead countered by requesting her number and stating that I wanted to invite her out. She agreed and entered her number in my phone. We bid each other goodbye.
  • Texted her later. She did not respond. I did not send a follow up ping. 
  • Sam with the cheeky stare (digits)
    Last night while I was doing my eye contact IOI thing, I casually walked passed two girls, one of whom I locked eyes with for a bit. I turned around ran back to approach. I stepped in front of the girl and said, “I feel like we had a moment just now ?”. That interaction went mostly well, she was immediately engaged and her friend, for the most part, passively supported the situation. Though, they were literally out to see where the evening to them, they were starting with dinner and I had intended to hang out with both of them at that moment. So, I took her number.
  • Texted her some minutes later. She responded two hours later around 10pm. I decide to wait till next day (today) to respond. However, she did not reply back.

My goal this week was to consciously make and hold eye contact with everyone I walked past making sure to leer or smirk as hard as I could if the person was a girl. If the person was a guy, I broke the eye contact after a moment of holding it. Some guys returned the eye contact in a very I-see-you-and-I’d-be-down kinda way. I’m almost certain they were down Wink

For the most part, white girls did not make eye contact with me (I’m black and live in a mostly white neighborhood in New York). I usually walk with my head up straight, shoulders back, smile/smirk on my face and I look at every single face in my way. The white girls usually look straight as if past me, or they will turn their heads to observe something at the side e.g a shop window. That said, I’m not generalizing. In the past I’ve been in neighborhoods where I got a bit more eye-time from them.

Conversely, I had an eye opening experience with the hispanic girls (brazilian/puertorican/dominican/italian) who I approached during the week. I approached them in my standard style i.e open, genuine observation/compliment, etc. Usually, as a result of the white and asian girls being scared off by my more overt sexual body language, I have been toning it down a lot. However, with these girls, they initially gave me their attention when I opened but then started walking off. It was ONLY when I reverted to my more intentional body language i.e smirk, lower & slower voice and strong eye contact that they equally responded by stopping and becoming slightly submissive or more engaged. It was so refreshing because most the time, other (white/asian) girls do the opposite i.e freak out and try to leave. So, if anything, I have at least learnt to calibrate for these hispanic girls when I run into them.

I’ll be posting one or two recordings from last weeks approaches in the next few days for feedback coz, my conversations do need some work.
Hi Kev. Good to hear from you. Welcome to the forum. I'm Steve's mate Jimmy, we're travelling together at the moment and both running the forum. Please post some recordings, we'll listen and have a better idea of what the learning points are. 

These examples sound like you have plenty of swagger and are very good at spiking girls in quick interactions, hence you get immediate interest and a high ratio of numbers, but flaky numbers. 

It's a good start, a great skill to work with, but what is happening in terms of a) getting her to invest and b) you impressing any other kind of value on her? 

Fun and flirty is great in the moment to keep the interaction going, but is it enough to make them think you're one of their highest value suitors? There's plenty of guys who chase them. 

a) Getting her to invest creates a sense that she's chasing you too. This makes you seem more attractive. 
b) She's got to have some kind of insight into you, who you are, that is a good reason to follow up. She's got to see some value in you that she wants to chase. 

It could well be that once the initial excitement of the moment has passed, the girls don't see a stand out reason to pursue you.
Hey Jimmy,

Thanks for your reply. I've linked to two recordings below. I have plenty more. But, I think it's best to get feedback on these so that any others that I do upload later do not include interactions where the mistakes have already be pointed out before.

Link to MP3: French latina
This was a girl whom I walked up to on the street while she seem to be looking for an address. My opener was, "Hey! I'm here!" as a joke that she was looking for me. From there on proceeded to compliment. I was standing extremely close to her (about 40 cm from them ), holding eye contact and smirking a bit. The body language seemed to affect her, can't same much for the actual conversation though.

Link to MP3: Girl from Queens
This was another street approach of a girl who was casually ambling in the shopping center area of town. She initially didn't stop when I opened but, when my body language became more sexual, that's when she got the gist of what was happening and then planted her feet.

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