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Hard Times Create Strong Men
Currently reading this. Lots of crossovers with Steve’s mindset and loads of quotes from Ayn Rand / Way of the Superior man etc. It’s a good read. Anyone else got this?

Thanks for the recommendation. I bought it last night and can vouch that the first few chapters are nicely written with a lot of agreeable ideas and some solid quotes.
Latest read The Machiavellians - Defenders of Freedom by James Burnham.

Highly, highly recommended.
Just finished 'Hard Times'. Lots to recommend. He quotes Jack Donovan, David Deida, Marcus Aurelius liberally, which is a rock solid foundation.
The writer is an accomplished guy in business and not afraid to describe his cucked past. Many times he states how quickly he wrote the book, as an example of allowing the unlimited intelligence to flow through his words.
The only problem with that is there is much duplicated content, which gets tiresome and degrades the overall message. An editor and a proof reader would have lifted it into the 'must-buy' category.
Still, you could do much worse than this book and as a red pill primer it's good stuff.

Thanks for the tip D-503. Got The Machiavellians lined up now.

Also The Lucifer Principle and Me, Inc. in the queue, thanks to quotes from 'Hard Times...'
(04-23-2020, 07:56 AM)frank Wrote: Thanks for the tip D-503. Got The Machiavellians lined up now.

Any time, mate. However, let me just note that it's a masterpiece of political philosophy, not really in a "self-improvement" category. The reason I loved it because it clashes thinking in magical terms (democracy, equality, justice) to actual practical terms (power, power, power).

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