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Experiences With Hair Transplants
Hello Gents,

Been browsing the forum for awhile but this is my first post.

Unfortunately my hair started thinking when I was 22 which was a set back to my self confidence since I used to have many women comment on how beautiful my hair looked. Vanity aside it effected my game because I was self-conscious about it. I went from getting IOI's from women everywhere I went to now getting none now that my hair is thiner. My game has improved immensely so I actually sleep with hotter women but I think based off my experience as a young man having hair I could do even better with hair. That is to say with better ascthetics my game would go further. Why play for 7-8's on hard mode when I can have nice hair again and play on easy mode.

That being said since my hair started thinking I immediately took action. I got on minoxidil and finasteride right away. How ever finasteridr gave me some side effects so I stopped taking it. Stayed taking minoxidil but my hair continued to thin. Last year at 26, finally was able to take finasteride without sideeeffects got on it daily and haven'tl looked back.
However I still lost a fair amount of hair. My hair looks good the way I cut it. It dosent look like a combover even though it is and I get comments that it is "cute".

I am looking into hair transplants for the long term. I want to know if anyone on the forum has experience with hair transplants. I have seen one guy at work who had some work done. He went from slick bald to having a set of thin hair. It didn't look unatural it just looked like he had thin hair like a man in his forties. Honestly if heworked outand shaved his head he would probably look better.

My question is since I have stopped my hair loss a have relatively fair amount of hair left will a hair transplant look natural? I know I won't be able to return to the former Glory days but there was a point where it was thinner but I still had fully coverage and I was still considered handsome.

Really I'm looking if anyone else has had experience with hair transplant, does it look natural? Does it look good? Can people tell you have had a hair trainsplant.

Please no comments that I should just shave it off and be confident. I already have experimented with shaving my head and I have fucked hot girls doing it. I'm well aware of the benefits of shaving one's head. Trying to keep my sexual merket value as high as possible if I can though .
I think it's an unlikely proposition here mate.  I did know one guy who had transplants and it wasn't obvious to me..But he didn't have luscious flowing locks either.

Honest opinion : you're better off getting ripped to shreds, strong, getting a super masculine attitude and way of carrying yourself.  Remember that I am well known for garnering more IOIs than I have any right to (including models etc), and usually beat men who are much better looking than me...It's not so much about looks once you reach a certain level but the way you carry yourself and your attitude.

I honestly believe a strong capable, functional body which exudes energy and an attitude is worth much more than a head of hair.  

Maybe others will disagree...But they would be wrong.  Big Grin Smile Big Grin
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