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Join The Secret Society VIP Members Program

Summary : 

95 % of men drop out of learning skills to get the girl(s) of their dreams - including Daygame, Nightgame, Day To Day Life.  DESPITE the wealth of information online.
This product offers the solution by leveraging : Competition, Expert Guidance, Accountability, Motivation And Inspiration

Expert Guidance : I will be there creating videos and content to answer any questions you have along the way over the weeks and months to come.

Accountability : In paying money for the service you have "skin in the game" and are therefore more likely to take action.  Further, you will be encouraged to keep an approach log, and get involved in various competitions, submit infield audio files for evaluation etc.  It's a very active ongoing process!

Motivation and inspiration : This will become a tight knit community.  It's not just about solo daygame - we will also work on aesthetic, body, career, money, mindset, and meeting women in the daytime, night time, in fitness classes.  Members are encouraged to write reports, document their progress.  When you see others making progress it will insire you to do the same.

Competition : You will compete with other men on various metrics : no of opens, highest open / close ratio
Services Offered :
Ongoing expert guidance
I will be creating detailed, step by step video content to answer any queries / sticking points
Structured training missions to get you started
Getting over approach anxiety, escalation, creating sexual tension and much more.

Community Support And Encouragement: 
You will be joined by other men in exactly the same situation as you and will mutually benefit from encouragement, sharing stories, advice and so on.  All of you will have "skin in the game" and are therefore much more likely to take action.

Audio / Video infield reviews
Post your approaches for evaluation!
Rate SMV
Post your pictures and get evaluated, point out where you could be better.
Do you actually want to make progress with your goals : aesthetic, business, women, fitness?  Check out the Secret Society VIP Members Club.
Check it out

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