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Since Steve offers to give feedback on audio recordings of sets, does anyone have any gear to recommend? 
Would something like this do?
Should I go cheaper? Just use a phone?
Rode usb mic and iphone. Best prize/quality imo.

But hey, you're going to ask her number Wink))) i usualy hand my cellphone and ask her to write it down.
Good question mate - Tigero seems to know what he is talking about...

For reference, I use the Rode microphone for my videos and they are known to be good quality.  So seems like a good recommendation.
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Check it out
E.G Rode SCL 6 iphone kit should do. Looks a bit like spygear.
You can choose something similar from Senheizer, AKG, Shure - should be good quality too, or look for cheeper solutions (Behringer, Samson) - it's also good quality but have bigger latency and dont look long lasting.
I tried home recording on Samson CU01 USB - very cheep condenser mic - good quality, but latency was so big that real time recording was not possible.

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