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How To Use This VIP Members Area
You will get the most out of this product if you actively participate. Whilst there are suggested missions that you can use to get started, it really boils down to you making a decision,
going out the door and introducing yourself to women, whether through daygame, nightgame, in a fitness class and so on.

As per the video that you watched prior to signing up to the VIP programme, getting the woman (or women) you want is a process of growth, especially if you are searching for the fabled "one". 

No one can implant the powerful mindset and beliefs in your mind, whether through NLP, Hypnosis or any other means.  To get these beliefs, the core self esteem and the technical game skills necessary for success takes
repetition, dedication and rebuilding yourself step by step.

Suggested use of this VIP members club

I'd recommend you start by picking out 1 -3 openers, going out the door and start approaching women.  Come back, ask questions.  There are lots of resources online - if you haven't checked out the Secret Society program, that is a great course to begin.  Failing that, search on the main forum for openers to get you started.

Take audio recordings of your approaches for evaluation and feedback.  This will get you progressing in the right direction as quickly as possible.

Work on your aesthetic, body and fitness at the same time.  Get your SMV rated within the VIP members area if you don't want the whole internet to see your pictures!  This will give you an idea of the range of girl(s) you
should be aiming at.  (But remember, still go for what you like). 

Think back through your approaches and keep an approach log.  Ask questions.  Set your own goals and ask for feedback on them, and try to keep moving forward, month by month.

Remember : no one is going to hand hold you.  If you don't do anything, don't participate, no one is going to notice you or try and get you involved.  Your success is entirely down to you.

Good luck and I'll be speaking to you soon!

Steve Jabba
Do you actually want to make progress with your goals : aesthetic, business, women, fitness?  Check out the Secret Society VIP Members Club.
Check it out

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