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The Guvnor Lenny Mclean
If you've any interest in British history (especially our American and Canadian members!), you might be interested in the Guvnor Lenny Mclean. 

He's obviously not typical of most British men, but there are legitimately guys like this who used to live around East End London back in the day, and even now modern equivalents.

If this kind of stuff interests you, look up some of the old school British Gangsters, the most notable and obvious being the Krays...Hell, if you haven't seen it, watch "Legend" with Tom Hardy, where he plays both Ronnie and Reggie.

He's The Guvnor in his later years in an unlicenced boxing match...And watch to the end where they start using their head (and I don't mean thinking of a strategy).

Then check out the Krays!

The Guvnor fighting : 

Lenny is his prime: 

Kray Twins : 

[Image: krays.jpg]
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Thanks for this thread Steve.
You've tapped into an interesting vein of British history. I don't condone the actions of these men, but what is interesting is how they were (and are) part of an alternative culture with their own code of conduct and morals. There is so much information that is loosely applicable to a Sigma lifestyle from alternative ways of living that has yet to be really incorporated into the 'manosphere' body of knowledge.

Respect, honour, masculine values, power, self sovereignty.

The Guv'nor in Lock Stock
I read Lenny's autobiography many years ago before he died. Sadly it included a lot of police corruption, harassment and bribe taking by the police.

But that aside, yeah scary dude!

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