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Bizarre search terms and emails
Just for a laugh, I thought I would tell you what some of you horrible cunts are googling to find this forum (and don't forget, it's only just started to be indexed properly)...And what kind of bizarre emails / comments I get from time to time: 

Google searches : 

Steve Jabba Cunt
jabba the cunt
jabba the cuck
have a n.i.c.e. day game
tom torero dead

And I've had guys requesting that I cuckold them with their wife and teenage daughter...And this charming email today :

"Hope you don't mind the bluntness of this question, but is there any way we can just buy videos of you banging women?"
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Check it out
Tom Torerro dead! Big Grin huge Looool.
Well peaople are thirsty more then ever .. Niether good nor bad I think, but there is a market for your service, mate.

Live is a cabaret.
constant is change...
Wait, Tom isn't dead!?

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