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Thinking too Much and Horniness
Hello, I'm a new member of this forum, and I'm a 25 yo Brazilian , and I would like to share my experience on horniness.
 I don't know about you, but I never had any problem controlling myself down there and analysing things with a critical mind, although, for a great time I thought I had some kind of problem, since in comparison to other guys at my age, especially during puberty, I didn't act in such a horny manner and would preffer to mind my own business over having to deal with relationships. I've done analysis on my testosterone, since my voice is so high pitched I thought I could have some problem with it, but it turns out my testosterone level was slightly higher than a normal man's and that having testosterone problems wouldn't be a big possibility since everything but my voice developed quite well. 
 Although I have this voice problem, I never had problems attracting girls, especially because of my talents with languages, poetry and philosophy, but instead of pursuing with a relationship, I end up thinking how that could be a stupid thing to do, since it would imprisoning me to something, have to waste my time going to social gatherings, buying gifts... And every time I think throughly, I find it has too many downsides to take part of this kind life style.
 For some time, I ended up forcing myself on porn to see if I could "fix myself" so I could feel the blinding horniness men feel which ends up inspiring really dumb decisions. After some time, my only feeling was the one of disgust about those things. Although the girls were hot, I couldn't find it interesting to watch a man doing those things and feel good about it. 
 Nowadays, I discovered that my senses, arousal et cetera are completely normal, and that what makes me act like that is just that I'm analytical and don't want to do things which wouldn't be lucrative for me in any way, and that my self control over my libido and my actions wasn't a signal of illness, but of virtue. 
 Nowadays I see my ex-colleagues from school having a greatly difficult life plunged in debt and wasting money on prostitutes and drinks all night. In the other hand, I decided to lead a more ascetic life and I remain as a virgin (by choice, I'm a celibatary) and only want to have some kind of sexual relationship if I decide to marry someone and see she's not some kind of player who wants to take my money.
 Am I strange? Probably. But I would like to know if someone from this group has gone through something like my case and what they decided to do.

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