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The book thread
While never at the cost of wasting your time for working in your goals, reading great books gives you potential power that can be converted to actual power through your actions.

To get only the very best here are the rules:

#1. Write the title and author of the best book on a topic and why you think so.
#2. Write the title of two other books on the topic that you think they are not as good and why.

I will provide a suggestion as an example:

I recommend ''Poor Charlie's Almanack" by Charlie Munger as best book on personal economy over The Millionaire Fastlane and Rich dad, Poor Dad. The reason is that not only Charlie Munger has the credentials, the book contains how he thinks, how he behaves and his wisdom on being careful while also going against what everyone else is doing. More than a book on economics, it is a book on rationality and even psychology as it includes a list of several human biases to be aware of. Rich Dad Poor Dad reads as a self help book, with good points like the difference in the mindset between the rich and the poor, it is just less complete. Millionaire Fastlane is a cool read but it can be summed up on: Get passive income. Both are good reads for newbies and motivational.
Dataclysm by Christian Rudder 

Dataclysm is great because Rudder teases out hard data which shows you how people actually act in romantic situations when no one is looking. 

Christian Rudder ran the OKCupid dating site and he crunched the data from OKCupid to show how people actually acted. This is invaluable because it gets around the social desirability bias - the psychological bias where people will tell the questioner what is socially acceptable rather than how the person would actually act. Rudder shows hard data on the effects of race, age, and most interestingly hotness.

Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

The Rational Male is also a must read as it explains the psychology of women's reproductive strategies.

Would not recommend The Mystery Method

I'm not a night gamer so I may be biased. You'd just make a fool of yourself with all of the peacocking.
My kind of topic:

As my namesake would suggest, The End of the Affair by Graham Greene: a beautiful portrayal of obsessive love that eventually goes unrequited; should look familiar to any man who's ever loved and not quite felt himself normal/rational.

Like Death by Guy de Maupassant: a look into the life of a famed Parisian painter, blunted by his waning years and his lust for the daughter of a former muse. A translation, of course, but beautiful in its language.

Laziness in the Fertile Valley by Albert Cossery: strange, oblique from a westerner's perspective, but it also wonderfully captures the listlessness of men yearning without purpose or direction. Love this book.

Brothers Karamazov by, none other, Fyodor Dostoyevsky: man's search for meaning and God; probably one of the most astute observers of man's inner workings, comes closest to Shakespeare for his perspicacity.

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