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Dry January - Kick-start your year in the best possible way
As the Christmas season once again draws to a close - many of us are looking forward to the new year, with its fresh opportunities, sense of rebirth, and potential for personal growth.

For those of us that drink alcohol and might sometimes be prone to drinking a bit too much alcohol - there is a fantastic tradition for starting the year off - Dry January.

This is something I have personally done for the past few years and its awesome for kicking off the year with a bang. The concept is simple and easy to complete. When you wake up on January the 1st don't have a single alcoholic drink till February 1st.

Over the past few years i've noticed that it tends to make new years resolutions such as diet and gym stick, focuses your mind on your projects, and really improves health, including weight, sleep, mental focus, skin condition and much more. Its much easier than ever before, even if you are out socializing as there is a great selection of 0.0% beers, wines, and radlers available everywhere. You can and should be able to goto birthdays, weddings, parties, and social events without drink. You should be able to approach women and think on your feet without booze. Don't make these an excuse.

One word of caution - you might find yourself being a lot more horny and having much more sex - take appropriate precautions as your sperm will be Olympic grade  - speaking from experience Wink

If you intend to complete Dry January - post your intention, your progress, your findings, and your successful completion here.
I guess no one on the forum apart from me and you drinks mate!

Tongue Angel
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(01-06-2020, 09:30 AM)SteveJabba Wrote: I guess no one on the forum apart from me and you drinks mate!

Tongue Angel

Looks that way man - bunch of spartans?
I started Dry January of visiting friend in Lublin and ... You know what happened ;(

And yestarday i had a nice Lady at my place and we took botle of wine.

I will use meditation to decreas alkool consumption... Its fuking my chances to beat that Jelly Jabba in body improvment...

Cheers Wink
constant is change...
I don't drink so I am a big promoter of this

People have the Hollywood idea that going to a pub and asking for alcohol is very manly. WRONG. Asking for a glass of milk, that is true manliness.

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