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Natural Bodybuilding
Ok, Tigero, you´re welcome.
You shouldn´t do 5x5 every week. It should only be one of your many lifting routines.

There are plenty of supplements I listed that will do much better for your strength and libido than ashwagandha.

One more thing: I forgot to mention creatine, which is another great addition to your supplements.
I’m going to build this program in time, for now i just don’t know that much exercises, so I must get there in future.

My supplementation is exact:
2x ashwaghanda
1x bacopa mineri
1x rhodiola rosea
1x NAC
1x Colagen shake
1x creatine shake
Iron (Ferrum) once a week

No whey geiners yet but I’m considering to include it.

I eat 2500 kcal vege/vegan box catering diet, but still have some challenge in counting in the cheet beers and some of healthy snacks..
So my deficit isn’t stable. Will work on that too but I just feel wolf like hungry.
3 -4 times in a week I drink 250ml of fresh slow squized juice from different vegetables and fruits.

I will seek better herbs but what I’m looking is something similar in regeneration effect, that ashwaghanda has. So I’m not getting pissed of at my coworkers just cause my mussel pain.

If you say that up to 3 trening session per your one trening day and then the day off I will try to add some home chalistenics, but I just simply have a lack of time to be at the gym more then 1,5h.

Unfortunately I hate jogging (I don’t know why but I’m just getting pissed of). But I like road cycling and MTB, and swiming. Problem is time managing for all that activities, after hours job, and girls off course.

Also some weeks I’m in the delegation so it hard to keep 1 day off 1 day on routine.

But I must say that after 3 months of trening Results are very visible and the reaction from friends and IOIs rate increased very much.
constant is change...
Honestly, supplements worth considering are creatine (Creapure) and whey protein, maybe vitamin D and omega 3 (if you eat fish less than 2x/week) everything else seems to be minutia that distracts from training, diet, sleep.
If you balance your diet, sun exposure etc. correctly just creatine and protein will do. The only extra that seems to be unobtainable from other means comes from creatine. And even that is a nice bonus, but many have built impressive physiques without. 
Most supplements don’t undergo rigorous tests of what’s actually in them. It’s fashionable to criticise rare side effects of rigorously tested medical drugs that actually work and then people consume pharmacologic coctails that undergo no testing...
I recommend to study evidence behind any specific supplement without hype.
Moving this thread to lifestyle / wealth / politics - it's a good thread and deserves more exposure.
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I miss my ashwaghanda... I feel more tired without it.
Maby thats also intensity of tranings increased.

But i finally found Long Jack and Horny Goat Weed. Lets see what them can do.

Also what Ive noticed after two weeks of keto im transforming back to Gamma Sad((
My mood is shit and im starting to create some dellusions...
Not cool. Walking hungry and pissed off most of the time.
I ve even scared two fine ladies... Like a typical polish gym dushe...
But this was good experiment, now i know what to avoid.
constant is change...
(10-30-2019, 09:03 PM)Ayahuasquero_Brasileiro Wrote:
(10-30-2019, 02:04 PM)Tigero Wrote:
Yep! Props! 
Now I've got a clue of a cause of my "low desire" problem, I eat flax and flax oil almost everyday. I have cut off garlic and ginger, following some Ayurweda advice to lower my inner fire... Guess it goes to low Smile

Also having such a variation on trening plans is a good idea, but for now its a lots of work to do.
Thx man!

I´m glad you guys liked it!
Like I said, I´m available for swapping skills.

Tigero, Ayurveda is a fascinating system of medicine, and I´m specially interested in the branches of herbalism, nutrition and alchemy.
However it´s necessary to bear in mind that there´s a tendency to promote a sattvic style of living and eating, which will naturally guide one away from sexual urges.
That means that a lot of the foods and herbs will drown your libido, even though they can promote health in general.
One example is ashwagandha, which is a great overall tonic and anti-aging herb, but will neutralize sex drive and make a person more tranquil and monk like.
I thought ashwagandha mixed with horny goat weed and maca was the best for libido?

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