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What Realisations Have You Had In 2019?
2019 is drawing to a close, so it seems a good time to reflect on any major realisations you've had during the year.   

It's been a tough year for me, as was last year but (cross fingers) I am putting in place building blocks for the future.  More on this next year (it will affect this forum and its users).  

Nevertheless I've learned a few new things, and re-learned a bunch of others.

The 2 things I am most happy about started as soon as I launched this forum when I got my ass back into gear again.

1: The food you put into your body has an enormous impact on your emotional control, state, appearance, strength, energy.

I am ecstatic at the body improvement progress I've made, but beyond that the improvement in energy, base state and so on.  I was letting things slide.  No more.

2: Floor sleeping and insomnia.

It's early days but I've had insomnia for years and I don't think I realised the extent it was ruining my life.  It fucks with your testosterone, energy, spirit.  I think I have found the solution entirely through my own efforts with some self directed research.  

3: Keep trying new things.

If you google "insomnia cure" you won't find floor sleeping as a possible cure.  So, I've relearned not to get stuck in a rut with the same "trammeled" thinking.  Try new things, new ideas!  You never know what benefits you will get.

I would like 2020 to blow away 2019 and I want an upward trajectory from here on out.  However I see the landscape is changing so there are going to have to be some fairly major changes in the way I am doing things (more on this next year).  If nothing else, it will make me tougher and more resilient.   I still fully anticipate the storm.  I'd rather deal with hardship and toughen up than be a lamb for the slaughter.
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