Poll: What will be the result of the General Election in the UK in Dec 2019?
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Tory Decisive Win
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Labour Decisive Win
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Hung Parliment - No Decisive Win Either Way
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UK Elections, Dec 2019
Predictions for the UK elections? Mine is a Tory (Conservative) decisive win.

Corbyn is a total fucking disaster.

Brexit is no longer the chief issue.  The chief issue is keeping that filthy commie Corbyn out of power.  

Thoughts? And give your vote too.
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I hope and pray for a Conservative near-landslide akin to what Tony Bumboy got for New Gaybour in 1997.

Being the nerd that I am I have found myself analysing polls and trends for specific seats and regions in the country and I like to stay optimistic but keep getting worried remembering what happened as the 2017 campaign when a massive 20% Tory advantage ended up being just 2% and the hung parliament we have suffered.

Trying to be objective and seeing things pragmatically seat by seat and looking at it through the eyes of your average voter. Seriously, what can happen in the next two weeks? Corbyn has to pull off something really amazing to convince the gullable masses to support him but what? 2017 there was something of a newness to him (despite being an MP since 1983), now not so. What on earth could instigate that this time?

There are 5 factors I look at that make 2019 different from 2017 -

1. Brexit Fatigue.
2. Lib Dem resurgence (likely to split "Remain" supporters and more likely to eat into the Labour vote than Conservative).
3. Corbynmania and that irritating White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" pastiche is so 2017.
4. Brexit Party standing down in over 330 seats and focusing more on Labour held Leave areas of the North East that have a tribal historic grudge against the Tories.
5. The climate change and Extinction Rebellion stuff may also benefit the Green Party - more likely to siphon votes of 2017 Labour voters than Conservatives. Split that "remain" vote more.

I'd say scarier than Corbyn is that even nastier cunt John McDonnell. Truly dangerous hate filled Maoist Marxist Leninist IRA buttlicker. Who even jokes about lynching female Tory MP's. And this from Labour, the party that loves to wank over all things diversity and equality. Not pracitising what they preach, eh? The party supporters filled with a rabble of repulsive bullring wearing SJW freaks that no-one with any decency would want to go on a date with. The Nasty Party. That love to defend criminals and pikey vermin.

Having a country run by that lot would make Britain a cesspool of depravity that would get what it deserves if electing them.

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