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English Teacher (ESL)
If anyone is struggling with their English and think it would help with their game in any way, I'd be glad to sell my wares and do a Skype session. I have 3 years' of experience, 2 of which were in Sicily teaching all levels (a1 - b2) towards achieving their Cambridge examination passes. I'm now based back in the UK and still teach every day. 

I also know how important having a good language facility is to your batting average, especially in places that require you to communicate with the locals. 

Basically, English is the language of the world. I teach it. So, here I am if you need me. 

Teaching ESL is great for confidence. I personally recommend doing it for free if you can. Free brings a level of authenticity to it. The rewards of this authenticity are numerous and, in many ways, priceless. For one, monetary gain is short term. Authenticity is long term. Monetary gain can be viewed as exploitative, while authentic is pure. There is nothing wrong with monetary game in this, especially as a sigma, but I'm just saying the authentic part of doimg something for no monetary gain is attractive and just better (although I admit, can bring other rewards).

First, many cultures highly value teachers, and getting a consistent feedback of your value from others will naturally increase you're confidence. 

Second, with having a reputation as a teacher, the community or communities of cultures you are teaching will very quickly make you well known. So, not only are you popular in the community, you are also respected. The balancing act is to not mess that part up.

Lastly, teaching ESL for free makes what you're doing authentic and authenticity is universally attractive to women. Jabba talks about that all the time. Getting paid is fine and all, but doing it for free adds another level to your attractiveness.

So, I recommend finding a way to teach ESL. You know something already that people desire, you are respected for it, you will be known in communities quickly for it, and you will attract single women. 

I know you have to be in a larger city most likely, but it works. I'd love to hear what other things like this sigmas are leveraging for game. (Or just to be a decent human being.)

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